Saturday, December 12, 2009

Know Thine Enemy

Taking inspiration from Atheist Revolution's Idiot of the Week series, I will be posting semi-periodic entries in my series, Know Thine Enemy. This series will highlight people, groups, and legislation that is considered to be an enemy of secularism, free thought, human rights, and religious freedom.

This series is an effort to give the secular community knowledge about the entities that fight against them; and to expose the hatred, intolerance, and backward thinking of these entities themselves.

I have many organizations on my list who will certainly be included in this series...and the list grows as I research more.


1 comment:

  1. Where does one begin with the enemy? I would say it is simple - ignorance. Those that wallow in ignorance and relay that ignorance to the next generation is the enemy.

    We must set free all the freethinkers. We must allow them the avenues to rebut those that claim to have truth; while in reality, they have ignorance. They oppress, enslave, and create digression among the masses.

    We must allow equality for all... and ignorance for none.